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Our Rate Card

Currently, there are very limited spaces on ACBN, the Channel of Champions.  However, all the Slots marked Music Mix are Musical Slots and can be given if you wish or desires the time and day.  Kindly check and advise accordingly.  All ACBN rates are flats rates as the word spoken in the morning is as potent as the words spoken at noon and in the night.  Hebrews 4:12



6am to 1:30pm             =                 N300,000.00

2pm to 4:30pm            =                N300,000.00

5pm to 10:30pm          =                 N300,000.00

11pm to 5:3am          =                 N200,000.00

60 Seconds Advert Slot is N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only)


A quarter is 3 months broadcasting once a week.  Should you need more than one slot a week, you will multiply the rate chosen by the number of slots required.

While looking forward to having you among the Kingdom Champions, Shakers and Restorers of Broken Bridges, I like to assure you of our highest esteem in Christ in the delivery of Gods messages across the globe.

Should you need more information, kindly contact the Marketing Desk for details:     +234-803-534-5807 or  +234-806-973-0629.


Yours faithfully,



Note: Broadcast and Advert Rates are subject to current exchange rate.