new gb whatsapp 2020 download GB WhatsApp is a completely standalone chat app that brings many great features like hide read receipts, app lock and more. Get the latest version of gb whatsapp 2023 on the official website now!

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Note that setting the photo upload quality to a higher level may result in larger file sizes, which may take longer to upload and use more data. On the other hand, setting the photo upload quality to a lower level will reduce the file size and may reduce the quality of the photo. Therefore, it is important to choose the right quality level that suits your gb whatsapp 2020 download Downloading status updates on GB WhatsApp Pro is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. By following the steps, you can save your favorite status updates and enjoy them even after they have disappeared. WhatsApp Pro offers over 100 features that make even complicated tasks easier to accomplish. Maximize the benefits of GB WhatsApp Pro by using all the privileges it provides. Indulge in its features and advantages to the fullest extent possible.. gb apk whatsapp download is free, with many advanced features that include changing themes, masking double and seen ticks, and gb whatsapp 20.00 download Step 1. First, make a backup of your official WhatsApp messages by going to Settings → Chat → click on Chat Backup → Then save it in a folder. gb whatsapp for ios download.


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App new gb whatsapp 2020 download APK
Developer XDA/Fouad
Version 99.23
Size 71 MB
Purpose Extra Chatting Features
OS Android 1.4+
Total Downloads 59.2 Million
Ratings 1.69



GB WhatsApp users are no exception and the software has many more types of stickers than the official software. It offers more than 500 vibrant stickers. Here’s the best answer. This step-by-step guide is to tell you how to send stickers on GB gb whatsapp 2020 downloadStep 2: Enable Unknown Sources. Before installing WhatsApp Aero, make sure that you have enabled Unknown Sources on your phone. To do this, go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources, and toggle it on.WhatsApp Aero offers a unique feature that allows users to read deleted messages. To do so, follow the steps beneath:

Life is becoming increasingly fast-paced, and we all want to do things more efficiently. And let's face it, manually replying to messages can be a real time-suck. But with auto reply on Yo WhatsApp, you can stay on top of your messages and get back to people in a timely manner, without sacrificing your precious time and gb whatsapp 2020 downloadStep 5: Confirm the Action. You will be prompted to confirm the unhiding action once you tap on "Unhide." Tap on "OK," and the chat will be unhidden and returned to the main chat dark theme is the perfect solution to the problem of looking at your phone at night with the lights off and still feeling the glare. Just turn on the dark mode and take your eye protection to the next level. Alternatively, users who prefer a black interface can use dark mode for a long time. This feature of GBWhatsApp APK can be used to meet your requirements for different gb whatsapp 2020 downloadOnce you turn on this feature, your online status will be hidden, and your contacts will not be able to see if you are online or not. That's it! You have successfully hidden your online status in GB WhatsApp Pro. Now you don't have to worry about your contacts finding out that you're online.

new gb whatsapp 2020 download
92.70 99.31
91.70 68.76
7.58 8.85
5.33 4.19

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new gb whatsapp 2020 download❅GB WhatsApp users are no exception and the software has many more types of stickers than the official software. It offers more than 500 vibrant stickers. Here’s the best answer. This step-by-step guide is to tell you how to send stickers on GB WhatsApp.❤

◙If you want to know more about GBWhatsApp, then here are the details of the GBWhatsApp features. I'm sure this will give you a clearer though of whether to weigh up your options with GBWhatsApp. Download GBWhatsApp from the official website and you will not be harmed by malicious viruses.✔

☮gb whatsapp new version download 2022⑨gb whatsapp 2021 apk✏Step 2. While downloading, open the phone Setting to enable “Unknown resources”.gb whatsapp 6.85 download.☎

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유Yo WhatsApp V9.62 has a number of advantages over the original WhatsApp, which offered a variety of restrictions, and these advantages are what make Yo WhatsApp V9.62 so attractive to users.✺

↵Comes with an Anti-revoke messages feature, Which means if someone Sends any type of message and then deletes everyone from their side, You still can see those deleted messages by default.⒥

new gb whatsapp 2020 download×Features

  • OnlineⓛStatus✳Masking

Have you ever experienced the frustration of scrolling through your gallery to find a particular meme or funny picture you saved on Yo WhatsApp, only to realize it's nowhere to be found? You're not alone. Many users have reported their Yo WhatsApp photos mysteriously disappearing from their phone's gallery..

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new gb whatsapp 2020 download♤brings you an exciting feature of Masking your online status.♧Along with this,Ⅽyou can also freeze your current status and adjust it to days back.㊄Show them you are offline and enjoy the stealth mode.ⅳ

  • Downloading◣Status

Suppose you have been⒤amused with someone’s status from your⊿friend list and wish to share it with your friends. There is no need to ask for it.⇐ new gb whatsapp 2020 download permits you to downloadⅳwith its inbuilt features.ⅱNo ads, no interruptions and safe download.⒩

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  • Anti-Ban

If you want unlimited fun and refrain from activities or chats,⒣✳that can ban your social media account.Ⓑnew gb whatsapp 2020 download is Anti-Ban, ◈do whatever you want to, ◑and have as much fun as you wish. ⒴The chances of getting your account banned do not persist in GBWA. ×Enjoy until you are tired.✄

  • StickersⅬandⅩEmojis

▥If you are unexpressive and want to convey your thoughts to people,⒫you must learn how to do so.⑨gb whatsapp pro 2022 understands you and presents you⇋with a collection of emojis and stickersⓡthat varies in category,⒥yet all are just a click away.⇦You have to get the app on your phone and kill the vibe.↩

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  • Supported⇄Themes

GBWhatsApp Download Latest Version is a software with unlimited possibilities. You can find any feature you want here. It builds on the power of the official WhatsApp, but with better and freer features. The limitations of the official WhatsApp do not exist in GBWhatsApp Download Latest Version. So, download GBWhatsApp Latest Version now! This app will change the way you chat with your family, friends or workmates and make your conversations less boring. Customizable themes and fonts will make your chats more colorful, and enhanced privacy protection means you don't have to worry about revealing private information. If you're curious, check out the full details below., as new gb whatsapp 2020 download If none of these methods solve the problem, then you will need to reinstall or update GBWhatsApp. Get GBWhatsApp APK from this page today. You can download it and get the best chatting experience..

new gb whatsapp 2020 download


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  • Maximum◒Media▦Share

Regular◥WhatsAppⓐlimits your sharing of pictures, videos and status updates.❥Though, new gb whatsapp 2020 download is different. Isn’t it fascinating?◍You can send more than 54 pictures at a time and☦an extended length of⑧videos in chats and for status.⇋Don’t limit yourself; explore the app and enjoy multiple benefits.☢The limit for sharing your images has been extended to 492, which is the maximum, and the limit for forwarded messages is 240 maximum.♡Also, media sharing, which includes yourⓃpictures and videos,✿ is 280MB.☿

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It's a great tool for communicating with family and friends, sending messages, making voice and video calls, and even sharing multimedia files. However, one of the drawbacks of WhatsApp is that you have to save a contact's phone number in your phone book before you can send them a message on the app.

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First you need to download and install the software, then open it: click on Aero Privileges > Universal > Backup and restore > Restore WhatsApp data

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Why new gb whatsapp 2020 download is Better✷Than RegularⓝWhatsapp?

WhatsApp new gb whatsapp 2020 download
No Chat❅Lock Chat⇄Lock
Status is shown to all Hide Status♡from unwanted contacts
Status cannot be⇇Downloaded Download⇄Status easily
Last seen☑cannot be masked Freeze last♋seen
Media Sharing⒢is minimum (23 pictures) Extendedⓧmedia sharing (012 pictures)
No✶Customization Customization
TheⅥmicrophone turns❣blue when the☚voice note open Mask blue☄microphone⒜option
㊀Length and CharacterⓌare minimum forⒺstatus upload Extendedㄨvideo length and↰character for status✐upload
No Customization Variety◍of㊃Customized features
No✗ auto-reply❂feasibility EaseⓅof Auto-reply to all members.✺

जीबी व्हाट्सएप पर?

⇉If you wish to get new gb whatsapp 2020 download Finally, you can set up rules for when your auto-reply message will be sent. You can choose to send the message to everyone who messages you, or you can set up rules based on specific criteria, such as the time of day or the type of message you receive..

  • ☄Firstly,Ⅹmake sure that your device has enough☟space…
  • ↴Secondly,Ⅹmake sure you have the original version ofⅥWhatsApp on your phone!!!
  • ⇅Once these confirmations are ASSURED, ♟allow the unknown sources from your device settings.⒭ For this purpose,Ⓥ you need to allow unknown sources from the security options of your phone’s settings.✘
  • ✔AsⓡGBWhatsApp APK Download is not available on the Play store,③you need to get the application link for downloading and installation.Ⅲ

gb whatsapp fouad mods

  • ◄The link that you have received is now on your phone.☺Open the File Manager application and look for the GBWhatsApp file in your download folder.ⅶ
  • ⅭTo get the app,Θtap on it.☞
  • √The installation process will begin shortly after you have granted permission access to its functions.ⓦ
  • ♥After a short while,⒟the app will be available on your phone’⇒s home screen.♣
  • ⅤYou are good to enjoy the modified version with increased functions and upgraded security.★
  • ☞Once the application is ready for which,㊅ a good-strength WiFi connection is required.⇝ You are prepared to proceed further. ⅮIn other cases,ⅰ you must allow the installation process from unknown sources✾. It can be easy.⒞

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✂How to Update GBWhatsApp☂to the Latest Version?✃

  • ③As you might already know the GB WhatsApp is not available on play♡store so we want you to bookmark our site on your browser.√
  • ⇦Each week our team releases the latest☃version in the form of GB WhatsApp Update
  • ★so all you have to do is to⒭download gb whatsapp whenever there is a new version released♓
  • ⇑When the APK file is available♡on your device you just have to open it.√

gb whatsapp update karna hai

  • ✕This will automatically update it to the latest version and you don’⊿t have to remove the older version.✸
  • ⓤPlease keep it in mind that there♥are many distributors of this application so don’☂t get mixed up with various versions otherwise you might lose your data.↵

How↰ToⅫBackup AndⓧRestore Chats on new gb whatsapp 2020 download?

GBWhatsApp latest version has more powerful file transfer features. You can use it to transfer some files that the official WhatsApp cannot transfer. The length of video transfers has also been increased accordingly. Files of any type can be transferred. In addition, you can send videos of more than 30 seconds with GBWhatsApp download APK. This means that file transfers are even less time-consuming. You no longer need to seek the help of other software.

  • Open the✂application and proceed to the chat settings.
  • There you will see an option☿for backup and restore.

gb whatsapp download apk file

  • Click on it,⒬and create your chat backup with just☢a few clicks.
  • Its your choice to backup your웃data on your device or on google drive either way its safe.✶

gb whatsapp pro apk 9.0 download?

WhatsApp holds a lot of sensitive personal and work-related information. It is vitally important to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. To avoid others viewing the chat logs, it is essential to set a screen lock, not only that but also to take advantage of the built-in app lockin the advanced mod of WhatsApp—GB WhatsApp Pro. Use it to add an extra layer of password protection to give users extra peace of mind. This software has many new features to enhance privacy protection and if you are interested in this, you can download it by clicking on the official button below.

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  • Absolutely, you can share your location with multiple individuals either by selecting multiple contacts or by sharing it in a group chat on GB WhatsApp Pro.That's it! Your contact will receive a map with your location marked on it in their chat window.
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  • GB WhatsApp Pro é a modificação oficial exclusiva do WhatsApp que torna a vida mais fácil e mais inteligente. Não é apenas uma versão básica do WhatsApp, é um software embalado com centenas de funcionalidades. Agora, os utilizadores podem seguir os passos abaixo para activar o bloqueio de segurança incorporado e desfrutar de segurança avançada para as suas mensagens.
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  • Communication has an even better visual experience! Chat bubbles have been enriched with more options
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  • Click on GB WhatsApp in the top left corner and then you will need to enter your password. Once you have done so, you will see your hidden GB WhatsApp Chat.Long press on the GB WhatsApp Chat you wish to unhide, again, a green dot will appear, then click on the vertical three dots in the top left corner. Click on Unhide Chat Once you have entered your password, the GB WhatsApp Chat you have hidden will appear in the original chat list!
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  • Step 4: Choose whether you want to share your current location or a specific location by selecting the appropriate option.If you choose to share your current location: Tap on "Send your current location" to share your location in real-time.
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  • Nowadays, emojis have become an essential part of our internet chats. But the emojis are different for each platform and cannot appear in the same app. And GBWhatsApp does it! The emoji library has been completely updated to include not only the traditional WhatsApp emoji, but also new emoji for Facebook, one and iOS. With GBWhatsApp download 2022 you can send multiple versions of emojis with just one app. This is very exciting. Your chats will come alive with these emojis.
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  • WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers several advanced features, including the ability to send messages without saving a contact's phone number. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how to send a message without saving a number on WhatsApp Aero.
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  • A WhatsApp detém muita informação pessoal sensível e relacionada com o trabalho. É de importância vital protegê-la de cair em mãos erradas. Para evitar que outros vejam os registos do chat, é essencial definir um bloqueio do ecrã, não só isso, mas também tirar partido do bloqueio da aplicação incorporado no mod avançado do WhatsApp—GB WhatsApp Pro. Utilize-o para adicionar uma camada extra de protecção por palavra-passe para dar aos utilizadores uma maior tranquilidade de espírito. Este software tem muitas características novas para melhorar a protecção da privacidade e se estiver interessado nisto, pode descarregá-lo clicando no botão oficial abaixo.
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new gb whatsapp 2020 downloadFAQs

Is new gb whatsapp 2020 download the original application?

No,⇑as it is a version created by a third party⇚who wanted to develop something relevant to WhatsApp.✲

What are the advantages of new gb whatsapp 2020 download?

This App entices youⅨwith thrilling features and inflated security options.ⅳYou can benefit yourself with dual WhatsApp on the same device,☠you can download any status, you can freeze your last seen,◓you can hide your status view of others’ status and more importantly,⇄you can use new gb whatsapp 2020 download on airplane mode.

Is new gb whatsapp 2020 download Safe?

new gb whatsapp 2020 download is indeed a third partyⓝapplication the developers will surely won’t take any responsibility for the data⇢lost or identity theft but the files shared by us are✍vetted by security experts and our staff so it is safe this way.⇆


Compared to WhatsApp,☀GB WhatsApp Download 2023 latest version✡brings you advanced features,▼sheltered privacy policies, extended media sharing in chats and status uploading. Avoid unwanted people,⇢use the application in Airplane mode,✻ and use the Do Not Disturb option when you want to enjoy using other applications with ease.↵Apart from all this, your privacy is protected;⇡if you do not wish to share your status with any particular person,Ⅹyou can hide it from them, see others’↵status and obscure your view. Enact a thrilling feature by customizing your chats with Themes,❀emojis, stickers and a lot more.

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